Dr. Rich BearBecker Ph.D.

Even though, for the past years Rich has concentrated his work in helping others, in the computer industry, he never lost touch with his religious beliefs.

For 7 years living in Alaska and then 11 in Hawaii he met people of many cultures and backgrounds. These people, with so many different religious concepts all melting together caused his beliefs to be both challenged and strengthened.

Winona Computers would like to acknowledge Dr. BearBecker’s hard work and dedication in completing after almost 30 years of study, two Doctoral Degrees, in January 2007. Doctor of Philosophy in Religion and Doctor of Religious Humanities.

His Religion and Computer background meld in helping others in his compassion for his business, With the many years teaching computer science courses at the University of Hawaii and at Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical and as Service Manager for Hawaii Business Machines, He has always helped people enrich their lives.

His religion is all about People – We are all children of the same Planet, even though we may have different ways of believing and praying. Lets all Live in Peace with each other. The BEST philosophy is a famous saying – “Do unto others as you would have the do unto you. “